The Client

Celestial is a creative collective of filmmakers, event producers and tech wizards with a passion for innovative storytelling.

They collaborate with world-class talent, from Poet Laureates and Grammy-winning musicians to Hollywood actors and indigenous artists.

Celestial is committed to using renewable energy without starting fires or scaring animals. Drones are the natural successor of fireworks – but far more spectacular.

Their award-winning events have received universal acclaim and produced profound emotional responses from audiences around the world.

Celestial is founded on strong ethical values balancing people, planet and profits, and they believe that drone art has enormous potential as a force for good in the world.

The challenge

Celestial came to us following their debut drone show for Scotland’s Hogmanay celebrations.

The main challenge was that they were very time-poor and needed an effective method of showcasing their incredible work and increasing brand visibility to win new contracts and attract investment.

Working with Celestial, we navigate highly sensitive projects with media embargoes and facilitate many of their meetings to ensure their high-profile clients are happy with the content we deliver.

Due to the fast-developing and changing aspects of working with a high-growth start-up, we frequently produce high-quality assets with tight deadlines.

We continue to support Celestial’s fast expansion from a small UK-based company to an international industry leader through a bespoke, fully flexible marketing offering that gives Celestial exactly what they need as they evolve.

The Solution

Helping Celestial build brand awareness, engagement and credibility to win new contracts was vital.

To do this, we designed and delivered an adaptable marketing package that caters to every stage of the customer journey, including:

  • Social media
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Content creation (articles, graphics, video assets and more)
  • LinkedIn lead generation
  • Email marketing and automation

We also design and create visual assets and investor decks to help them to create traction in attracting more investors to grow the business further.

By building a fully responsive and scalable website, Celestial can now grow and develop in a way that reflects its business needs and facilitate the best possible user experience (UX) for its audience.

To keep their results headed in a positive direction, we are incredibly proactive in our project management, which includes keeping them informed on what we need from them to continue to deliver high-quality content and assets.

Through monthly marketing meetings, we keep the team up to date on their KPIs, get content plans approved, and discuss actions for upcoming projects and what steps are needed to make the next 30 days a success.

We travel to attend a number of Celestial’s live events as well as test flights at their base to create showstopping content firsthand that we can then distribute across their marketing channels.

All of these assets are created with Celestial’s strong ethical values at their core, enabling them to stand out in what is a highly competitive industry and ultimately attract new and exciting clients.

The Results

Celestial operates in a new yet fast-evolving industry that attracts significant interest. At the time of onboarding, they already faced the challenge of having many strong competitors with a strong digital presence.

To help them compete, we created compelling content fitting for the heavyweight players they are in the drone display industry.

Over the course of 18 months, we have achieved some incredible milestones:

  • We enabled them to grow their Instagram followers by 182500%, grow their LinkedIn followers by 1933%, and grow their Facebook fans by 743%
  • Through LinkedIn lead generation coupled with email marketing and automation, we nurtured and developed an engaged email audience, resulting in an average newsletter open rate of 42%.
  • Our SEO strategy has consistently grown their search traffic and visibility to position Celestial on a level with the largest global drone show companies in the world.
  • By honing in on their stance as an ethical company, we brought in more of their ideal clients – brands, companies and charities who aim to spread vital and progressive messages, be that social or environmental.
  • Since working with us, Celestial has landed a variety of extremely high-profile and high-net-worth clients, including one of the biggest companies in the world.
  • By creating and aligning their brand voice with their visuals and content marketing, we have showcased Celestial’s drive for an eco-conscious future and positioned them to dominate and disrupt the drone display market.
  • Overall, we have established Celestial as leaders in the drone display industry and supported them to build a phenomenal reputation for using their technology to tell epic stories in the night sky.
  • Since working with KUB, Celestial has successfully expanded from their Frome office to Australia and the US and continues to grow while delivering many world firsts for their industry along the way.

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