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Calico Legal Solutions

Calico Legal Solutions is a unique collaboration of established and trusted suppliers to over 3,000 legal firms combined from niche practices to the high street, regional and national law firms. Their expert positioning has placed them in a prime position to disseminate their industry knowledge.


The Client

We were tasked with generating visitors to the Calico website and generating enquiries for the company members of Calico Legal Solutions. The two go hand-in-hand; the traffic to the website needs to be impressed enough with what they find for it to be then reflected in the number of enquiries the members get.



The Challenge

As Calico is a collective of businesses in the legal sector, who want to get enquiries through the Calico website, there needs to be a lot of traffic and engagement for each member to grow their number of enquiries.

To achieve this, we advised on all aspects of Calico’s digital marketing to ensure it was seamless. After all, your overall digital marketing is only as strong as the weakest link.

The website was brand new, and so had relatively little traffic. However, there is a good stream of high-quality articles being published, improving the find ability and levels of engagement.

Because of the founders coming from a legal background, they needed to have their knowledge of what needed to be done with respect to digital marketing to get buy-in. The site has articles written and published by a range of companies

What the client needed

What we proposed


The Approach

We inputted the SEO into the articles and worked with a web developer to fix crawl errors. This made sure that the articles being published were getting found and it was quick and easy to navigate the website.

Calico’s Twitter is a hub of everything legal and the sharing of thought-leading articles and engagements. We manage it, making sure all the right information goes out at the right time. 

We also provided LinkedIn training for Calico’s founders and experts. This meant that they are able to use lead-gen as an effective networking tool with confidence, growing both Calico and their own business, respectively.

The services we provided

Digital Coordinator
Social Media
Search Engine Optimisation
Graphic Design
Video Marketing
LinkedIn Training


The Solution

Uploading and optimising the articles written by the members became incredibly valuable to Calico Legal Solutions as it let them focus on more valuable jobs within the business.

We continued this support by creating a system to post the social media, inform the members using WhatsApp and Mailchimp and maximise the reach and traffic to the site.

The key to their campaign was developing the Compass magazine, social media graphics and video that purposely fit to social media. This ensure their brand remained fresh and engaging to the audience.

Finally, we provided digital marketing analysis and reports to the founders meeting.

When you are working in collaboration with several decision makers, everyone must be on the same page of where they are and where they need to go. Presenting the analysis was a key part of this process.


Calico Legal Solutions were keen for their creatives to fit within their brand guidelines whilst developing their image. 


The Results

After the initial 6 months to create momentum, Calico members are now generating leads from the website, magazine and social media (Twitter & LinkedIn).

The founders/board members have a greater understanding of digital marketing and how it can be used to drive awareness through high-quality content. This can be applied by them to both Calico and their own business respectively.

Calico Legal Solutions are continuing to grow every day.


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