Calico Legal Solutions

Calico Legal Solutions is a unique collaboration of established and trusted suppliers to over 3,000 legal firms combined from niche practices to the high street, regional and national law firms. Their expert positioning has placed them in a prime position to disseminate their industry knowledge.

What was the objective?

We were tasked with generating visitors to the Calico website and generating enquiries for the company members of Calico. The two go hand-in-hand; the traffic to the website needs to be impressed enough with what they find for it to be then reflected in the number of enquiries the members get.

What did we do?

As Calico is a collective of businesses in the legal sector, who want to get enquiries through the Calico website, there needs to be a lot of traffic and engagement for each member to grow their number of enquiries. To achieve this, we advised on all aspects of Calico’s digital marketing to ensure it was seamless. After all, your overall digital marketing is only as strong as the weakest link.

We inputted the SEO into the articles and worked with a web developer to fix crawl errors. This made sure that the articles being published were getting found and it was quick and easy to navigate the website.

Calico’s Twitter is a hub of everything legal and the sharing of thought-leading articles and engagements. We manage it, making sure all the right information goes out at the right time. We can provide Calico with updates and respond quickly to engagement from other users.

We also provided LinkedIn training for Calico’s founders and experts. This meant that they are able to use lead-gen as an effective networking tool with confidence, growing both Calico and their own business, respectively.

Finally, we provided digital marketing analysis and reports to the founders meeting. When you are working in collaboration with several companies, everyone must be on the same page of where they are and where they need to go. Presenting the analysis was a key part of this process.

While LinkedIn is a useful tool for connecting with people who will invest in your services, other areas of your online presence require work. This ensures any prospects doing their research will only find a seamless, informative and engaging online presence.

This is why we provided services alongside LinkedIn. We provided business coaching and marketing strategy and management. We also oversee their external providers, manage their social media and provide monthly reporting and analysis.

This rounded approach means we not only engage with prospects through LinkedIn, but we also engage with them on every platform in a variety of ways. We are also able to work with APS to ensure they gain knowledge and experience of digital marketing as it evolves. Our monthly reporting provides APS with the leads they need to follow up on, although urgent leads are sent immediately through a WhatsApp group. The analysis enables us to identify any obstacles and adapt to overcome them. We value accountability, and our monthly monitoring gives a clear picture of our performance to all our clients.

What were the limitations?

The website was brand new, and so had relatively little traffic. However, there is a good stream of high-quality articles being published, improving the find ability and levels of engagement. Because of the founders coming from a legal background, they needed to have their knowledge of what needed to be done with respect to digital marketing to get buy-in. The site has articles written and published by a range of companies. Part of the challenge was advising on how to make it look seamless on Google to improve the overall UX of the site. It was also a challenge identifying what engineers (their target prospects) would be interested in and would engage with APS. This was a challenge because APS offer such a specialist service. Through developing a style of questioning on LinkedIn that would engage with the target prospects and lead to enquiries, we were able to overcome this.

What were the results?

It has taken about 6 months to really make progress. At 12 months the site was getting a decent level of traffic, and so helped to raise awareness. Traffic volumes need to further increase in order for the site to generate enquiries, which they are steadily doing over time. The founders/board members have a greater understanding of digital marketing and how it can be used to drive awareness through high-quality content. This can be applied by them to both Calico and their own business respectively. Twitter has done particularly well, with an encouraging- and growing- number of followers and engagement. The analytics that was introduced has now been introduced into founder member companies so that they understand what’s working and what isn’t, and take action accordingly.