Allied Pipe Freezing

We have worked with Allied Pipe Services for over 15 years, and over that time, we have successfully and continuously nurtured prospects, generating revenue for them and helping the business grow.

What was the objective?

Our work with APS began with the objective of generating enquiries for their pipefreezing and specialist pipe services. It’s a challenge for most SME’s to produce enquiries without dedicating a lot of time or outsourcing. We wanted to not only generate those enquiries but create lasting business relationships that would pay off in the long run.

What did we do?

To do this effectively, a number of things needed to be done. When it comes to obtaining quality enquiries, LinkedIn lead generation is invaluable. We manage this for APS, connecting with engineers who would be interested in APS’s and communicating with them conversationally to build relationships.

While LinkedIn is a useful tool for connecting with people who will invest in your services, other areas of your online presence require work. This ensures any prospects doing their research will only find a seamless, informative and engaging online presence.

This is why we provided services alongside LinkedIn. We provided business coaching and marketing strategy and management. We also oversee their external providers, manage their social media and provide monthly reporting and analysis.

This rounded approach means we not only engage with prospects through LinkedIn, but we also engage with them on every platform in a variety of ways. We are also able to work with APS to ensure they gain knowledge and experience of digital marketing as it evolves. Our monthly reporting provides APS with the leads they need to follow up on, although urgent leads are sent immediately through a WhatsApp group. The analysis enables us to identify any obstacles and adapt to overcome them. We value accountability, and our monthly monitoring gives a clear picture of our performance to all our clients.

What were the limitations?

The budget was very tight, however, we provide a tailored service to match your budget and provide the company with the aspects of our services they need most while working on a tight budget.

It was also a challenge identifying what engineers (their target prospects) would be interested in and would engage with APS. This was a challenge because APS offer such a specialist service. Through developing a style of questioning on LinkedIn that would engage with the target prospects and lead to enquiries, we were able to overcome this.

What were the results?

Our approach with APS has been very effective over the years. Overall, we have achieved the growth of the founder’s LinkedIn connections to 7500, giving him a wealth of valuable industry connections. We also manage constant engagement and enquiries from LinkedIn. Our style of questioning encourages engagement, and the results speak for themselves. We have also achieved a constant stream of enquiries from the website, through our work on LinkedIn, content creation and email marketing.

More information?

If you are interested in using APS services please go to: Allied Pipefreezing