Charleh Dickinson KUBSocial Media Coach and Trainer

Our unique service gives you access to a social media coach. Our social media expert Charleh Dickinson will guide and support you through this dynamic world to achieve long-term business growth.

Social media plays an essential role in how you interact with your customers who now expect faster response times over the growing number of channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Social media platforms continue to evolve and change direction and what was right last year might get penalised this year. Getting noticed is becoming harder and, with more platforms looking to make money, a budget is now often required to get the same attention previously gained for free.

As your social media coach, we will help you set up your own social media to manage yourself. Charleh wrote a popular article on the importance of knowing how the Millennial generation work. They are the echo-boomers who now heavily influence our society, culture and behaviour. From 2015 they are now also the largest generation, they are digitally native and expect to communicate with businesses through the smartphone. As consumers, they seek a collective, collaborative culture but want everything convenient for them. The age limit to this generation band is 35, and so they are moving into positions of responsibility, making social media extremely relevant when selling to businesses.

We know running your own business is hard, never mind keeping up with the latest trends and social media strategy. However, outsourcing high-quality media management can be expensive. But we can have your own online social media coach and trainer. Contactable during business working hours, you can get immediate support, social media planning, strategies and implementation.


So what are the benefits?

  • Complete flexibility
  • Cost-effective
  • On hand to help you get it right
  • Monitored and increased brand awareness
  • Improved engagement with your prospects and customers
  • Enhanced online customer service
  • Better market and industry research
  • A six-month social media plan

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