Peter Dickinson Digital Non-Executive DirectorDIGITAL NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

An interim digital non-executive director can be a useful addition to your board of directors when you need to fill a gap in knowledge, skills or access a network of contacts.

Peter Dickinson has worked with many companies over the years and has developed a large network of contacts. He usually knows somebody who can resolve a problem, test out an idea or simply sell a product or service.

Peter has an MBA through the Open University and has worked with over 300 companies in a range of industries. This has given him a good understanding of how to take effective ideas from one industry and apply them to another. His extensive board-level experience allows Peter to apply structured analysis which reaches beyond the emotion and competitiveness which can exist within some boards.

As a digital non-executive director with a good understanding of technology and digital marketing, Peter can help companies gain a competitive advantage through the use of technology. As a chartered member of The Chartered Institute of IT, Peter operates to the highest standards.

Having worked with both technology companies and users whose strategic advantage comes with technology, Peter can help companies decide whether they need to become experts themselves or outsource (the Make of Buy decision). Often it can be a minefield trying to understand the technical language and the level of risk involved.

Working at a strategic level as a digital non-executive director, Peter is able to help management teams look forward to the future and identify how technology can advance their business goals.


Peter joined the board of RibbleFM in order to help them increase their offline audience. As a community based radio station they need to be integrated with their local community and social media and digital marketing allows them to do that  cost effectively. Go to RibbleFM for more information.

If you would like to know more or simply to have a chat in confidence, please call 0845 053 7417.


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The Growth Club

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