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Our digital marketing coaching solution is perfect for you if you want to take control of your own marketing, but don’t know where to start.

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What We Do

Digital marketing coaching is very different from your standard digital marketing management. If you like a more hands-on approach to your own digital marketing, or your business doesn’t have the budget to completely outsource its marketing to specialists, our coaching sessions could be for you.

If you opt for our digital marketing coaching, you can expect a wealth of experience and industry knowledge which you can tap into at your monthly coaching session, or on the go.

Our digital marketing coach will show you how to use various tools and platforms to create your digital marketing in all its forms. They will help you set up and will provide you with continual support as you build your knowledge throughout the coaching sessions.

If you get stuck or experience any problems, we will quickly respond to solve it.

As the sessions go on, you’ll grow in confidence and experience, until you are able to manage your business’s digital marketing yourself, or you can let us manage it for you.


Our digital marketing coach will carry out an overall performance analysis of your website. They'll look at what can be further developed on, and what's holding you back, including what's new on the site? can the content be found on Google? Would paid advertising make sense? Are there any partners you could work with to increase the number of visitors?

Social Media

Using social media effectively is vital for producing your target number of sales. But if your current approach isn't working, it's wasting valuable time. Our coach will look at your social media presence, and help you strategise to increase sales, generate leads, improve your customer service and improve communication with customers and raise awareness of your brand.

Email Marketing

Emailing your subscribers with interesting thought-pieces, updates on your business's activities, industry updates and the latest news on your products or services is an effective means of keeping your customers and prospects engaged. Our coach will teach you to follow best practices and ensure you are GDPR compliant.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation, when used well, is a powerful tool. Our digital marketing coach will advise you on and help you set up systems to help you increase sales. From social media to email marketing, automating repetitive and time-consuming aspects of your marketing will save time, and help your marketing become seamless.


Get coached on how to use and apply Customer Relationship Management software. Its can allow you to monitor the quality of your teams interactions with customers. You can learn about what activities you can report on, the best methods of recording your teams contact with customers and know who is or isn't performing.


Amazon, eBay, and increasingly Google, are online retail giants. Knowing how to navigate selling products on these platforms is essential if you're going to grow you business significantly through these platforms. Our coach can help you with what needs to improve and how further growth can be achieved.

Expert Positioning

If you want your business to thrive and for clients to seek you out for themselves, you need to be considered as an expert within your industry. There are various means of establishing your authority as an expert, but doing so does take time and commitment. Our digital marketing coach will show you how to do this effectively.

Public Relations

PR is an important aspect of Small businesses, but not SME's realise this. Good PR can help you define the message of your brand.Your customers should have a good idea of where your values lie by your PR interactions with them. Our digital marketing coaching can help you develop your PR in a way that also grows your business.

Project Management

Your project management is likely to determine the success of our business. You need to identify which digital marketing projects are going well and which need support. You need to review budgets for the agreed activities. Compare actual costs against the budget. Update the overall marketing plan. Agree on actions for the next period.

Digital Marketing Manager

Questions you need to

Ask Yourself...

What do you want to achieve in 3 years?

Setting a 3 year goal is critical if you want to make the right choices now in order to fulfil your 3 year goals.


Knowing your 3 year goal, you can then work backwards to work out what you need to achieve within the next 12 months.


To achieve your goals once a year is not enough. In order to move quickly you need to set goals that you can achieve every 90 days. This ensures you achieve your longer term goals because you are always moving to your chosen goal.

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Generating traffic and leads are 63% of companies top marketing challenge.
1 %
Only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.
1 %
27% of websites are WordPress, but only 40% are up to date.
1 %

Searchers haven’t made their mind up about a brand before their search.

Increase in quality web traffic

You will have the knowledge of how to generate more traffic through effective content and engaging interactions with customers and prospects.

Increase your expert positioning

Establish yourself as an industry expert, so customers are more likely come to you and want to invest in you again and again.

Generate quality enquiries

Have a cumulatively good approach to every aspect of your digital marketing which sees a sustained increase in enquiries.

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