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We offer coaching services, so if you choose to, you can manage your marketing by yourself or in collaboration with KUB. We provide monthly sessions so you can continue to build on your knowledge.


What We Do

High Growth Business Coach

A business coach will help you set and reach realistic company goals, and focus on what you must do to move the business forward. This includes identifying any problems in your business and helping to resolve them.

Digital Marketing Coaching

Not every business is the same size or has the budget for digital marketing management. Digital marketing coaching is a great alternative and will sit down with you and show you how to manage your own digital marketing.

Digital Non-Executive Director

Our digital non-executive director will help you grow and maintain the stability of that growth. They'll also help you make transformations within your digital marketing and support you throughout any changes.


Our facilitator service offers unbiased advice to groups who need to understand common objectives and help planning to achieve the collective goals of the group. The facilitator will be there to offer neutral support to help you grow.

1 %
Business coaching improves your profit margins by an average of 46%.
1 %
70% of people consider business coaching to be ‘very valuable’.
1 %
Businesses set 64.2% smarter goals with the help of business coaching.
1 %
People using business coaches have a 60.5% better work-life balance.
Peter Dickinson Business Coach

PeTer Dickinson

Getting The Right Strategy

what are your next 90 days?

A business coach helps you meet your goals for your company and focus on what you must do to move the business forward. They increase the knowledge underpinning the business (hence KUB), helping you to learn, set goals, and most of all clear blockages hindering growth.

As a high growth business coach,  Peter Dickinson, will work with you through all aspects of the business, from finding customers to getting paid. His approach is non-judgemental, preferring to focus on building the right practices. Often there are many ways to achieve a company goal, and so he will offer a range of options to choose from. As a trained advisor Peter can offer straight advice if required.

Meetings with a business coach have a simple structure and generally follow the GROW process:

  • Goals: Identify or confirm key goals
  • Reality: Understand your current pressing issues
  • Options: What do you want to do? What is holding you back?
  • Will: Agree with the required actions and timescale for implementation

They can be one-to-one or with as many people as you like. It all depends on what you need to achieve.

Charleh Dickinson

Engaging With Your Customers


Increasingly, social media plays an essential role in how you interact with your customers. They expect faster response times and communication over a growing number of channels.

Social media platforms continue to evolve and change direction and what was right last year might get penalised this year. Getting noticed is becoming harder and, with more platforms looking to make money, a budget is now often required to get the same attention and exposure that was historically free.

Ideally, the best way to operate social media is to do it yourself, and we can help you set this up. However, platforms continuously change, and unless you have a dedicated member of staff (which is what we recommend), it may be safer and less time-consuming to out-source your social media activity. At KUB we are driven by results and so Charleh Dickinson, our Social Media Manager, will do this for you.

Charleh Dickinson Social Media Management
"I started working with Peter in 2008 and we soon built a good, friendly relationship. Peter draws upon a lot of past and current business management experience which makes him a great adviser and sounding board for my ideas and problems. He also works hard researching the latest ideas and tools which he brings to our business, allowing us to adapt and use the ones that fit the best. Peter's areas of expertise which we tap into the most are business strategy and oversight plus digital marketing."
Ben Ritherdon
Ben Ritherdon
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