Website Maintenance

One of the biggest challenges in digital marketing is about getting it done, and these tasks don’t necessarily fit perfectly under a specific package. There are a lot of little ‘jobs’ that are very time-consuming, and when the day-to-day stuff gets going, marketing is often pushed to the bottom of the list.


What We Do

The tricky bit is managing the process and ensuring that your marketing (and business) is secure. If your website is down, you’ve essentially lost the only asset you actually own. Keeping your website updated and secure may seem like one of those jobs that go to the bottom of your pile, but when something goes wrong, it’ll suddenly shoot to the top.

This service is designed to support you in your daily business life, and once set up, you can sleep at night knowing that your business is safe. We have a number of tools and softwares connected to your business so that we are alerted to any possible threats. Cyber security is becoming more prevalent with hackers, and being on top of the game is the only way to stay ahead.

The Results


More Time To Invest In The Things That Matter

You can rely on KUB to do the upkeep for you to ensure your website is secure so that you can concentrate on other areas of the business.


KUB Resources At Your Business's Disposal

You coordinate and have KUB’s resources at your business’s disposal. You can also flexibly command more or less time each month, depending on the demands of your business.



Here at KUB, we hate unnecessary admin. Therefore, we automate as much as possible so that your resources are spent on what is really valuable, and high skilled. Nothing is ever wasted.

Update Plugins

Managing your plugins and keeping them up to date is crucial for the performance and security of your website. This can be a very time-consuming task, but with KUB’s Management + Maintenance service, we’ll take care of this for you.

Increase Website Security

Your website is your digital shop window and needs to be secure. Unfortunately, no matter the size of your business, you’re constantly at risk of being hacked. That’s why we’re dedicated to keeping your website secure and your data safe.

Website Support If Broken

Your website is your lifeline to the outside world, and if it goes down, you need to know that someone will be there to help you. That’s why we’re always on hand to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Website Recommendations

Over time, your website will need to be updated to reflect changes in your business, as well as changes in technology and web design trends. We can help you make these changes and ensure that your website is always up-to-date.


Site Performance Recommendations

The slower your site is, the more opportunities you will lose out on that you never knew you had. We can provide you with ways to set up your site performance, and as a result, we typically see an increase in traffic. More traffic equals bigger potential for leads.

Data and Reporting

Reporting and analysing your marketing activities can easily be forgotten about, especially when your workload gets busy! We help you by providing you with monthly reports on how your business is doing so that you’ve got a regular reminder to review your activities.

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