Social Media Management

Social media is constantly evolving, and it can be challenging for businesses to adapt to algorithm changes. We pride ourselves on being at the frontier of all the latest developments to get the most out of your social media marketing.

What We Do

Social media management is a proven means of reaching a large demographic of potential customers and clients. Posting on various social channels gives you the perfect opportunity to express your brand identity.

Social media is one of the top ways customers and clients discover new brands- so your brand needs to make a memorable first impression as it debuts. Everything else (including your social) needs to be seamless to get consumers and clients through the sales funnel.

It’s not all about the sales pitch- KUB will help you by posting other contextually relevant and engaging material, which provokes positive discussion on your feed.

The Results


Increase The Quality Of Engagement

Rank high on social media by creating posts that incite quality engagement and discussion.


Plan Ahead

There are various categories that different types of posts fit into, so you can create a monthly plan and spread the categories out over the weeks to avoid repetitive content that will bore your subscribers.

Scheduling tools help you plan and take a considered approach to all your social channels, optimising the levels of engagement.


Inform And Entertain

Social media content gives the viewer a feel for your brand. So make it informative and entertaining. Creating content that will engage your target audience and has a consistent posting schedule will raise brand awareness and draw in new customers.

Audience + Market Research

Understanding your audience is key to a successful campaign. Through our research, we map the emotions to why your users will purchase from you and the logic they use to reassure themselves that you are right for them. Users who engage with your brand will feel like you know them.

Content Plan

We will discuss how often you want to post, the optimum time, and how you want the content to represent and grow your branding.

We can then create a monthly social media plan for you to approve. This is essential to the process to ensure quality and continuity that sets you apart from your competitors.

Social Media Posts

We will create and schedule your posts across your chosen platforms. We’ll measure the engagement the posts generate so that you can follow the growth and development of your business’s social media branding. We take great care in crafting incredible social media posts that will make your brand sparkle.

User Management + Engagement

Social media algorithms are constantly changing, and being able to stay on top of them is hard. However, our dedicated team are always ahead of the game, looking for opportunities to help your channels continue to grow. Over time, social media platforms have emphasised the need to engage with your audience. That’s why we offer a management service to speak directly with your audience so they’ll feel love for your brand.

Strategic Planning + Opportunities

Social media is a fast-moving landscape; if your brand isn’t moving with the times, you’ll simply be left behind. Using our agency tools and approaches, we research new ways we can grow your brand online. Opportunities could be using a new style of social media post or engaging with influencers. We flex to your brands’ needs so that you always maximise resources.

Data and Reporting

Creating beautiful social media posts is one thing, but understanding why and what is growing your social media will allow you to grow faster. This is done by rinsing and repeating efforts that are actually working. Then, using a number of our agency reporting tools, we can provide you with detailed information and analysis of what is happening.

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