At KUB we work hard to deliver you the best results in line with your budget. When we work with you, we’ll create WhatsApp group, enabling you rapid communication with the team as and when you need it. We believe in being proactive and moving with the times.  Email is often far too slow, especially when we are posting social media or generating leads on LinkedIn on your behalf.

We thought you’d like to meet the team behind the messages.

Peter Dickinson Business Coach Author Speaker

Peter Dickinson

Founder & Managing Director

Founder of KUB in 2001, Peter’s role is to work with clients – usually meeting monthly – to develop their digital strategy and ensure the smooth running of their digital marketing. Peter also works as a business coach, and so takes an all-round approach to improving your business. To track progress, Peter produces the monthly analysis reports that show whats working and what needs improvement. He also manages the external suppliers (whether we have sourced them or were already working with you) who we then integrate with collaborate with to deliver the best results for your business.


Charleh Dickinson - KUB

Charleh Dickinson

Digital Marketing & Business Development Manager

Charleh is the person you are most likely to meet when networking and attending events. Her role is pivotal to finding new clients who would benefit from working with KUB. Charleh is also responsible for the social media, lead generation, and email marketing that we manage on behalf of our clients. She also liaises with our strategic partners to supply the best solution that meets your needs.





Jack Park KUB

Jack Park

Social Media Creative

Jack works to grow businesses using social media. His duties include copywriting blogs, designing and creating content for all the main social media channels, as well as reporting on and analysing the success of your marketing campaign. Jack helps drive growth for both B2B & B2C companies through social media platforms, and email marketing.





Alia Coster - Coster Content

Alia Coster

Coster Content

As neighbours at the invasion hub, Alia works alongside KUB providing exceptional regular content for your website. With years of experience across a spectrum of sectors, she uses her combined marketing and sales expertise to drive growth for your business. Her content writing services help you smash through the digital barrier between you and your client to captivate your audience. As founder of Coster Content, Alia and her team collaborate closely with KUB to help deliver a holistic marketing approach.