KUB Team Values & Expectations


KUB stands for Knowledge Underpinning Business. KUB exists to provide the knowledge, tools, and support to help customers achieve their dreams for their business and increase business value, profits, and in most cases, turnover.

We are committed to being the best we can be, and we attract companies who aspire to be the best at what they do.

We highly value:

  • Professionalism
  • Being the best we can
  • Teamwork
  • Customer service

Our core value is to help you get better at what you do. We achieve that through digital marketing. Having worked with many businesses, we found a common problem was the need to generate more leads, which in turn, creates more sales. A solid marketing strategy can help you achieve that.


Train | Using our expertise, we’ll train you on the aspects of digital marketing that we excel in.

Manage | We’ll work with you to manage your digital marketing.

Deliver | We will manage your digital marketing & deliver key aspects.

Analyse | We monitor and analyse your strategy to determine what’s working, and what could be done better.



Customers are our lifeblood without them we wouldn’t be in business.

As everybody has a budget and are very busy and we need to be agile in the way we work so that we only spend time and money on activities that will make a difference to our customers. When partnering with us to deliver your marketing, we’ll set up a WhatsApp channel so that if you have a problem, it can be fixed; quickly and easily.

We respect that your expectations need to be managed for us to deliver what the results you can afford. We work closely with you to ensure we only provide services that are affordable and will help you reach your goals.

Keeping Track

We use Trello to manage all work and projects within the business. These are updated at weekly meetings or whenever a new task needs to be added or existing ones updated or deleted.

This means that everybody in your organisation will be kept aware of what is going on.


We can all do our bit to help the environment. Over the last couple of years, KUB has actively moved to a paperless environment. All accounts are held in the cloud, we can accept and process invoices in PDF format without printing them out, we can send you invoices electronically via PDF or through the accounting packages own network. We use a secure independent 3rd party to collect Direct Debits so that we don’t see your bank details and saves time and in the case cheques, paper. All communication with you is through email, phone and social media. We have a WhatsApp group for each customer and so you have a direct connection with the team for efficient and effective communication. All our proposals are sent electronically and we often hold client meetings over Skype/Zoom to save on fuel and so play a small part in reducing the traffic on our roads.

Expected Behaviours

We are keen to make KUB a successful business where people want to come to work and enjoy what they do.

We expect the following from our team:

  • Add energy to every conversation.
  • Ask why.
  • Find obsolete things on your task list and remove them.
  • Treat customers better than they expect.
  • Offer to help co-workers before they ask.
  • Feed the plants.
  • Leave things more organised than you found them.
  • Invent a moment of silliness.
  • Highlight good work from your peers.
  • Find other great employees to join the team.
  • Cut costs.
  • Help invent a new product or service that people really want.
  • Get smarter at your job through training or books.
  • Encourage curiosity.
  • Surface and highlight difficult decisions.
  • Figure out what didn’t work.
  • Organise the bookshelf.
  • Start a club.
  • Tell a joke at no one’s expense.
  • Smile a lot.

We have published our values, expectations and commitments here so that we can hold ourselves to account and demonstrate our commitment to sustainable business.