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"It is our belief that digital marketing should be reflective of your business and that strategies should be reviewed regularly so that they can evolve and be developed to achieve your goals. Because of this, there are no contracts with us. Call us old fashioned, but we work with clients on a mutual agreement of trust and respect and we will always deliver our utmost best."

Peter Dickinson

After an MBA, Peter started KUB as a coaching business. He then subsequently built a digital agency with Charleh as he recognised that's where SMEs needed hands on help. In his spare time he likes to cycle, kayak, sail and ski.

Charleh Dickinson

In 2016, having worked with her father on a previous business, decided to join KUB & launch the digital marketing side to the business. In her spare time, you can usually find her at CrossFit with either a cup of a coffee or glass of wine in her hand.

Rosie Gatensbury

After completing her postgraduate degree in modern literature, film and theory, Rosie joined the KUB team as a content writer. In her free time, you'll probably find her reading one of her favourite authors, hiking in the peaks or binging a box set.

David Andrews

After his postgraduate degree in Filmmaking, David joined the KUB team as a videographer and animator. In his spare time, you are most likely to find him playing the drums, watching films or attempting to stay composed while watching the football.

Abi Smith

Having worked in the theatre industry for eight years, Abi transferred her creative skills and joined KUB as a Content Producer. In her spare time, you'll probably find her bingeing Netflix, baking, or posting pictures of her dog, Todd.

Theo Fapohunda

Following a colourful career as a professional dancer, Theo taught himself (and freelanced in) web/graphic design before joining KUB as a Graphics/Web Designer. If he isn't eating or thinking about food, he's probably gawking at puppies (not as food).

Rachel Eglin

With a successful career in Sales, Rachel joined KUB as a Sales and Marketing Manager and enjoys helping clients grow. In her spare time, you will normally find her planning her next trip to explore more of the world or running around South Manchester.

Lorna Robinson

Whilst studying her undergraduate Psychology degree in second year, Lorna joined the KUB team as a LinkedIn Lead Generator. In her spare time you will normally find her trying out new recipes, at the gym or with a cocktail in hand

Faye Andrews

With a degree in Criminology, Faye has a successful career in social housing industry and a breadth of knowledge working with people. She's also travelled the world as a GB Ice Hockney and Referee and in her spare time, you'll find her at the CrossFit gym.

Our Promise To You

We hold ourselves accountable to the following values:

KUB was founded by Peter Dickinson in 2001 as a business coaching consultancy. The company has the very same mission today as it did back then: to help SME businesses grow and thrive through knowledge combined with a proven process.

Peter Dickinson started out his early career as a civil engineer before making the leap into computer programming. This was in the ’80s, a time when graphs were still created using punch cards. Over the years, Peter has gone on to successfully run a multi-million-pound waste management business, along with a variety of other projects, leading him to complete his MBA in the early 00s. During this time, Peter discovered his passion lay in helping businesses to grow as a business coach and marketing specialist. Strong in his belief that growing a business isn’t based solely on hard work and the right luck, anyone can grow a business as long as they are passionate and follow a proven structured approach; Peter launched KUB.

Over the past 19 years of running KUB, Peter has helped close to 500 businesses to overcome their challenges and grow, but he hasn’t done it alone. Peter’s daughter, Charleh has always worked closely alongside him, as well as pursuing her own ventures at a young age. She began a food blog at 17 and, recognised there was a gap in the market for healthy on-the-go snacks appropriate for food allergy sufferers so she turned her blog into an ecommerce business at the age of 19. During this time, Charleh also gained a breadth of experience working for a number of marketing agencies.

The complementary combination of their skills and experience meant both Peter and Charleh worked in perfect harmony as a team. By joining together, they realised they could make a real difference for people who wanted to grow their business.

In 2016, KUB became the hybrid digital marketing agency that it is today. Since then, KUB has welcomed new members with their own passions and specialisms to the family. It is this team who delivers your digital marketing services today. Based in Manchester, UK, KUB works with an array of clients across various industries both nationally and internationally.

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