The Growth Club - KUB

The Growth Club is a global community who want to grow their businesses or the companies they work in.

It is open to anyone. You can view the community and join here: The Growth Club Community on Google+

Google is the world’s largest search engine, and Google+ is growing fast with over a 1.15 billion people registered. There are now more than 300 million active users. The amount of engagement has not yet reached the standards of Facebook, namely because the social giant is more accessible to users. But in time, it will become the place where people meet and engage online.

What do we discuss in The Growth Club?

  • Leadership
  • Personal productivity
  • Executing the vision
  • Business models
  • Financial models
  • Marketing
  • Sales process
  • Customer-centric culture
  • Operational excellence
  • Systems and technology
  • Performance measurement

KUB will add articles from leading experts in different areas so you can see the latest thinking on subjects important to you. This will build into a living resource which you can interact with and discuss, bringing the ideas and advice to life to understand how it could work in your business.

The combination of expert knowledge and shared ideas on implementation will make it easier to make changes to your own business to make it more effective.

By seeing how great ideas can work in your company, you will be able to fast-track the growth of your business as you will be more effective at leading it in all the key areas.

This is peer-to-peer learning on a global scale. With a Google+ community you will be sharing ideas from around the world, and because all the experts and business gurus are online, you will be able to share and discuss the best global ideas with your peers.

The Community is open to all, so take a look and let us know what you think:

 The Growth Club Community on Google+