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In our highly connected world, a clearly thought-through technology strategy can make or break any strategic advantage you seek.

Technology is part of our every day life. For example, you carry your life around with you on the smartphone in your pocket. 

In order to be competitive you must give your customers access to your systems so they can control the supply of products and services from you. Yes, allowing them to help themselves can improve customer service! This only works of course if your systems are well designed, intuitive to use and reliable.

Systems are getting easier to use as development tools become more sophisticated. But the knowledge to develop these systems is getting deeper, and the people who develop them harder to understand.

So how do you develop technology in your business?

You need to consider the following steps to develop your technology strategy:

  • Understand the purpose behind your business. Start with WHY you do what you do (YouTube Simon Sinek Start with Why)
  • Using the Value Proposition Canvas write down what your customer is trying to achieve, what are their plans, what they would like to gain & how your products and services resolve them.
  • Use Blue Ocean Strategy to understand how you can make your competitors irrelevant. These days the difference you can make is through technology.
  • Using the Strategic Orbit Planning Tool work out where you would like to be in three years time. What is your game plan or strategy?
  • Now you know what you need to achieve, look at how technology is used in your business.
  • Review your technology infrastructure, software systems, digital communications and engagement with your customers and determine what you need to do to bridge the gap
  • You should then be able to document your technology strategy. You can do this quickly using mind mapping and so get it onto one page.

To find out how a thought-through technology strategy can disrupt your industry go to: digital disruption

Peter Dickinson, KUB, works with companies to not only develop their business strategy but can also help you develop your technology strategy.

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