Peter Dickinson

Peter Dickinson - Director | High Growth Business Coach | Facilitator

Peter Dickinson – Director | High Growth Business Coach | Facilitator

Peter Dickinson – Background

Based in the North West, Peter Dickinson is an experienced director, high growth business coach, interim and facilitator.

Having worked with over 300 companies in the North West as a business coach he will help you crystallise your vision, rationalise your strategy, find the most cost-effective route to market, develop a consistent sales approach, improve your customer services, streamline your processes and identify key performance indicators that will help you improve the performance of your business.

Peter Dickinson has an MBA(Open) combined with being an IT Chartered Professional, as a business coach, Peter Dickinson will help you develop a digital strategy including reviewing how you should engage with Social Media, review each of the places the customers touch your business, review your IT strategy and help you carry out an action plan to help your business exploit the new technologies.

The role of a business coach is to help you to achieve your goals for your company. It is about helping you focus on the actions you need to complete in order to move the company forward. A business coach is about helping you increase the knowledge underpinning the business (hence KUB), helping you to learn, helping you to set objectives and most of all helping you clear the blockages that are stopping you growing your company. So as a business coach, Peter will work with you through all aspects of the business from finding customers right through to getting paid. It is a non-judgemental approach, it is about building the right practices. Quite often there are many ways to accomplish a company goal and so there are usually a range of options for you to choose from. As a trained advisor Peter can offer straight advice if required.

Meetings with a business coach have a simple structure:

  • Understand your current pressing issues.
  • Identify or confirm key objectives.
  • Discuss appropriate actions to achieve the objectives.
  • Agree the actions that you will implement.
  • Agree a time scale for implementation.

Meetings with a business coach can be one to one or with a group of as many people as you like. It all depends on what you need to achieve.

High Growth Business Coach, Chair, Facilitator, Interim, Non-Exec Director, Expert for TV

Vision, Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Digital & Social Media, Customer Services, ICT, Flow & Process Mapping, Management Accounting, Lean, Project and Change Management, Group Problem Solving.

Peter Dickinson is a co-author of 5 pocket-sized practical business books on; starting  a business, selling, managing a team, profit improvement and employability. For more information, see:

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