MD Growth Group for Business SupportMD Growth Board

The MD Growth Board is a group of up to 10 senior managers, managing directors and business owners. It meets every month at a member’s premises or a local hotel hosted by the member for an afternoon to work on their businesses. The group formerly meets at 15:00. The meeting formally ends at 17:30.


  • Exploit vast experience round the table
  • Professionally facilitated
  • Build a close network of trusted advisors
  • Develop your own coaching skills
  • Become a better listener
  • Ask better questions
  • Use it within your own business
  • Gain a competitive advantage – execute faster


  • Must be a senior decision maker of a business with employees
  • Confidentiality (Chatham House Rules)
  • Everybody has an equal right to be heard
  • Positive/empathetic listening (Listen to Understand and not to Reply)
  • It’s all about the problem owner (Focus is on the problem owner)
  • Honest and open
  • Constructive ideas
  • Facilitator keeps time (Structured approach)
  • Problem owner is responsible for capturing their actions
  • Problem owner is responsible to the group for reporting back on agreed actions
  • Members share core values: wanting to be the best, integrity, professionalism, ethical, great customer service


  • Personal skills development
  • Gain a different perspective & benchmark self
  • Develop confidence and conviction
  • Motivation
  • Board of Directors without fiduciary duties or shadow Director issues
  • Resource sharing between members
  • Access to shared business knowledge and approaches ( )
  • Networking – word of mouth promotion


  • Monthly meeting starting at 15:00 and formally finishing at 17:30
  • For larger companies, each member takes it in turn to host the meeting.
  • Optional one-to-ones with the facilitator
  • Free access to business learning community


  • Monthly charge by standing order £125+VAT
  • Individual one-to-ones payable by invoice £200+VAT

Note, spaces are limited in the groups and the final decision on whether you can join lies with the members of the group.

For more information, please call 0845 053 7417 or email: [email protected]


If you don’t have time to take part in the MD Growth Board then take a look at the The Growth Club. It’s a free Google+ online business community where business leaders get the latest thinking and shares idea on how to grow their companies. Go to: