Group Mentoring Support

Group Mentoring involves up to six owners and managing directors from non-competing businesses meeting to discuss and analyse critical challenges or opportunities that, once progressed, will allow growth.

The group meets one afternoon each month, from 14:30 to 17:00, leaving you time to deal with day to day issues before you’ve taken the time out to work ON your business and move it forward.


KUB is working in partnership with a Lancashire based business support agency to offer four sessions of group mentoring free of charge. During that time you will build an action plan with the other business owners for your company to help you drive growth for the year. After the four sessions you will have the option to continue on a paid basis.


  • Develop an action plan that will help you drive growth in your business
  • Exploit vast experience round the table
  • Build a close network of trusted advisers
  • Develop your own coaching skills
  • Become a better listener
  • Ask better questions
  • Use it within your own business
  • Gain a competitive advantage – execute faster
  • Professionally facilitated


  • Must be a senior decision maker of a business with employees
  • Confidentiality (Chatham House Rules)
  • Everybody has an equal right to be heard
  • Positive/empathetic listening (Listen to Understand and not to Reply)
  • It’s all about the problem owner (Focus is on the problem owner)
  • Honest and open
  • Constructive ideas
  • Facilitator keeps time (Structured approach)
  • Problem owner is responsible for capturing their actions
  • Problem owner is responsible to the group for reporting back on agreed actions
  • Members have the Core Values: Wanting to be the best, Integrity, Professionalism, Ethical, Great Customer Service


  • Personal Skills Development
  • Gain a different perspective & bench mark self
  • Develop confidence and conviction
  • Motivation
  • Board of Directors without Fiduciary Duties or Shadow Director Issues
  • Resource sharing between members
  • Access to shared business knowledge and approaches ( )
  • Networking – Word of Mouth Promotion


  • Monthly meeting starts at 8:45 am and formally finishes at 11:45 am
  • For larger companies, each member takes it in turn to host the meeting.
  • Optional 1-2-1s with the facilitator
  • Free access to ( ) business learning community.


  • First four group mentoring sessions are free of charge if you are an eligible small or medium sized business trading from Lancashire.
  • Thereafter, there is monthly charge by standing order of £125+VAT per month
  • One off 1-2-1s are available, payable by invoice £200+VAT


In the first instance if you are interested, please call 0845 053 7417 or email [email protected]. We will call you to assess whether group mentoring is suitable for you and do an initial eligibility check. If you are right for the programme then your details will be forwarded to the business support agency who will contact you and arrange a meeting to find out more about your business and to complete the funding paperwork. Once we have a minimum of 3 business owners we will arrange a mutually suitable date to start the sessions.