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With over 500 million users, LinkedIn™ is the most up-to-date accessible database of business contacts that you can access free of charge – which, compared to obtaining data through other sources – is remarkable. So any investment in LinkedIn training will always be repaid many times over.

However, to realise any return on investment, you do need to put the effort in, and most of all, be consistent.

So before you think about whether or not LinkedIn™ is for you, you need to seriously ask yourself:

  • How desperate do you need the new business? What will you do to get additional customers?
  • Are you willing to spend 30 minutes every day connecting with people online?
  • Are you willing to connect with strangers?
  • Are you willing to write 300-word articles that demonstrate your expertise?
  • Are you willing to comment on and share other peoples’ articles and updates?

If the answer to the above is no, stop reading and talk to us about doing it for you.

LinkedIn™ isn’t hard to use. However, there are some vital elements that you need to do.

There is a seven step process to generating leads using LinkedIn™:

  1. Foundations –  Get your profile right
  2. Expert Positioning – Get published
  3. Develop Your Database – Get connected!
  4. Find Prospective Customers – Use the ‘advanced search’
  5. Develop a Lead Management – What can you give to attract prospects?
  6. Generate Leads – Reach out to prospective customers
  7. Engage and Nurture – Know, like, trust and then you can do business

We have an initial ebook on Linkedin™ which you can download in order to familiarise yourself with: What You Should Know About Lead Generation Using LinkedIn

If you really want to grow your sales and are happy with the approach outlined in the eBook, then please call 0845 053 7417 for an informal chat about LinkedIn training.


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