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Peter Dickinson is a high growth business coach and has worked with over 300 businesses across a wide range of sectors for the last 15 years. Peter is helping ambitious businesses achieve rapid and sustainable growth by providing tailored expert advice.

Meeting regularly (every four to six weeks) for three hours, Peter will work with you to identify the opportunities, challenges and barriers to growth, using proven processes to help you embed good practice in your strategic development and execution and meet your goals.

How you spend your time in a meeting with a high growth business coach very much depends on your needs. The first few meetings usually focus on strategy and identifying the key areas of the business that need the most work. Specific actions are agreed at the end of each meeting to ensure progress is made towards achieving longer term objectives.

Meetings are action oriented. Issues are discussed, ideas and options identified and then actions agreed and documented.

As a high growth business coach, Peter helps you identify your long term vision and then brings it back to where you want to be in three years time. Using the Orbit planning tool, he then identifies the vital elements of your business that will help you achieve your vision.

You can either work one-to-one or with your whole team, depending on what stage of growth your company has reached.

Some important questions Peter will ask:

  • What is happening out there?
  • What is your market doing?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • Why should customers buy from you?
  • What are you doing to stand out from the crowd?
  • What makes you different in the way you work?
  • Where do you want to be in three years?
  • What are the things you need to really get right in the next 12 months?
  • What are the projects/changes you need to execute?
  • What are your next 90 day goals?
  • What weekly sprints do you need, to keep the team motivated on meeting goals?
  • How do you communicate in your team?
  • What values are important to you and the team?

The following Linkedin Pulse article explains the concept of Agile Strategy Development and Execution in more detail:

For more information on some of the tools used:


Peter Dickinson is the co-author of five pocket-sized practical business books on; starting  a business, selling, managing a team, profit improvement and employability.

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