Peter Dickinson Fractional IT DirectorFractional IT Director

Looking for a flexible Fractional IT Director? One who has written software, managed software development projects, implemented and managed ICT infrastructure (On-Premise & Cloud), managed change including in a manufacturing environment, and understands how to implement lean and introduces agile into businesses? Using project management and soft skills, Peter can identify key objectives, draw out key milestones and make projects happen through working with people. Comfortable with working at all levels in an organisation from the CEO to the shop floor.

Competitive Advantage through Technology

Having an MBA (Open) and as an IT Chartered Professional Peter will help you develop a technology strategy that will help you improve how you use technology and identify a strategic advantage in your industry through the smart use of technology. Peter works with both end-user trading and technology-based businesses to help them identify how to gain a competitive advantage through the use of technology. Examples include a Forecourt Services business where Peter brought the external development in-house, and they now have a team of 5 developers or an Energy Broker that has now recruited three developers on the back of a technology-based strategy.

Project Management

Working in a fast-moving business environment where change is inevitable then you need to take an agile approach. However, if in some projects where 80% of the cost is built in at design stage then a waterfall approach is required with careful planning undertaken to ensure project success. Peter has used a range of tools over the years, including Microsoft Project but prefers the more agile tools such as Asana, Trello, and Basecamp. However, spreadsheets can also work, and Peter has a simple objective-driven approach for senior managers who just want to see the objectives and milestones. The current project is as part-time Interim IT Project Manager to quickly work through the challenges faced by the business and put in place long-term technology solutions. Here objective spreadsheets are used for senior managers and Basecamp for the team.

Software Development

Peter has used both Waterfall and Agile approach to software development. Currently managing two technical people for a client and using an agile approach with weekly sprints. Before that at ADSOFT, Silkmoth, Shell, The Electricity Council, and Liverpool University. Over his long career, Peter has written thousands of lines of code.

Infrastructure Project Management

As part of the current interim project, Peter is designing and planning the client’s cloud-based infrastructure. Part of the process involves evaluating other providers as well as getting better value from the current provider. In the past, Peter was a part-time IT Manager for over 12 years with a manufacturer. He upgraded their infrastructure (IT and telephony) several times. As founder of ADSOFT, Peter managed clients’ ICT infrastructure for over five years.

Digital Coach and Management

Looking for somebody to work along side you to drive sales through digital marketing? Peter has presented workshops, seminars and has an eBook out on Digital Marketing Management. We live in a digital world, and with over 50,000 followers and connections across LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ Peter knows what works and what doesn’t.

Working with a Fractional IT Director

The key advantage of working with a Fractional IT Director is that you get board level experience at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. With a high number of connections, he knows who to contact to get projects completed on time and within budget.

Moving to cloud-based infrastructure? Good quality Cloud-based infrastructure providers can mean that you no longer require an IT Manager and so not only do you save money by moving to the cloud you can also reduce your headcount if the IT Manager was primarily responsible for the servers etc.

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