Facilitator – Definition

A facilitator acts as a referee – an impartial third party to help implement change.

Facilitator to support your business goals and strategiesOften a business has all the expertise it needs but the senior managers require a third party to act as a facilitator and guide them through unknown territory. Wikipedia defines a facilitator as somebody who helps a group of people to understand their common goals and how to meet them, without taking a particular position in the discussion.

Groups facing an intractable problem want somebody who enjoys working with people and can support them positively, be part of the discussion without having to lead it.

Peter Dickinson works as a facilitator who can help you and your business face challenges using a variety of approaches, or can simply chair each development meeting to ensure its aims are met.

Strategic Change Facilitator
Businesses and organisations must become more agile. There’s often a disconnect between those tasked with leading an organisation and those delivering the products and services. Spreadsheets and numbers are used to drive the organisation as the senior leadership try to make sense of the bigger picture. But the detail is lost at the senior level, even though that’s what matters to the customer. In sectors with a lot of “me too” competition, getting the detail right is often the only competitive edge available to an organisation.

The core purpose of a strategic change facilitator’s role is to ensure good two-way communication between the senior leadership team and those at the coal face. Removing any disconnect is key to creating an agile business which itself is central to business survival today. Change is constant and engaging with it effectively needs to be a core competence as much as HR, Health and Safety and IT.

Vision Building Facilitator
A vision building facilitator will support your senior management team in agreeing the vision for the business and help you find key strategic projects to move the organisation forward, depending on the difficulty of the issues facing the organisation.

Facilitator for Pseudo Board/Management Meetings
A lot of smaller companies with an owner/manager and a small team of managers benefit from regular monthly management meetings. KUB has developed a simple action-oriented meeting format that is efficient and gets through the issues facing the business, identifies actions and the people responsible for their completion. Meetings can be regular or adhoc depending on the pressures on the business and how quickly the management team can complete their actions.

Sales Meeting Facilitator
Peter co-authored the pocket-sized business basics book “How to successfully sell your products and services” and is well placed to be a facilitator for your sales meetings. Perhaps sales are below target and you need to motivate your sales team? Peter can stage a one-off event or hold meetings on a regular basis until sales are back on track, using inclusive and positive techniques. A facilitator does not affect the management structure or chain of command or the day-to-day running of the sales team.

Away Day Facilitator
Sometimes companies need to get out of the office and discuss key strategic business issues. KUB has worked with a range of businesses, running away days to suit their needs. Such days should be action oriented and we use a range of meeting tools to ensure the day fulfils the goals of the business and participants. Using a facilitator is designed to move the business forward and so is often best for teams who want to progress and meet their goals. If required, and where the participants are not known to each other, a number of fun ice breakers with an educational theme can be used to start the day.

Meeting Facilitator
All you may need is a chair person or facilitator who can keep a business meeting on track and make sure that actions are identified, assigned to an individual and a completion date agreed. Peter has acted as a facilitator for a variety of clients and for groups of all sizes in a range of subjects.

Network Meeting Facilitator
Peter Dickinson has acted as a facilitator for the Advanced Manufacturing Group and Digital groups in East Lancashire and typically group meetings were attended by upto 50 owner/managers. The groups ran for several years before funding was withdrawn and many members benefited through increased business, trading between members.

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