Digital Marketing CoachDigital Marketing Coach

Are you looking to generate more leads and sales using the Internet? Would you like a Digital Marketing Coach but can’t afford one? Have you thought about using an external resource to work with you?

Using the Internet to generate more business can seem like a quagmire of technical terms and acronyms. You might feel the need to recruit somebody because of the increasing complexity and competition. But will you struggle to manage them if you don’t actually know what they’re supposed to be doing?

With years of experience of working with businesses, marketing and technology, Peter Dickinson can be on your side and help you manage your digital marketing.

The idea is simple. You agree how often you meet with Peter to look at what you want to achieve, what has been achieved to date, what the options are going forward and the actions you require to move you closer to your goals.

As part of the process we will look to develop the digital skills of your team, should you wish to do more for yourself. See the online social media coach and trainer for more information.

We are not a digital agency but through our widespread contacts we can help you select appropriate suppliers who fit your business. We can monitor their performance as we talk their language and know whether what is being said is right or not. We also have access to software that will check the technical aspects of their work.

Digital Marketing Coach Meeting Structure

So what is the structure of a meeting with a digital marketing manager?

  • Set/Review the marketing objectives
    • What do you want to achieve?
      • In three years’ time?
      • 12 months?
      • Broken down over the next 4 quarters?
      • Next month?
  • Review the previous period’s performance (What’s worked and what needs work.)
    • Website (How well is it performing? What’s new on the site? Content, Can it be found on Google? Would paid advertising make sense? Are there any partners you could work with to increase the number of visitors?)
    • Social Media (Can it be used to increase sales? Generate leads? Improve customer service? Communication with customers and raise awareness of your brand?)
    • Email marketing (Are you sending out regular emails to prospects and customers to communicate what is happening in your markets and industry, with news of your products and services?)
    • Marketing Automation (What systems can you setup to help you increase sales?)
    • CRM – Customer Relationship Management software (How are you recording your team’s contact with your customers? What activity can you report on? Who’s performing and who isn’t? )
    • Marketplaces – Amazon, eBay & Google Shopping (How is this going? What has changed? What needs to improve? How can further growth can be achieved?)
    • Web Based Customer Facing Systems (What can you do to allow your customers access to your systems and so reduce your overheads whilst improving customer service?)
    • PR, Press Relations (What are doing to get your news out and demonstrate your expertise to your customers)
    • Thought Leadership / Expert Positioning (What are you doing to let the world know that you are the best at what you do?)
    • Project Management (Which digital marketing projects are going well and which need support?)
  • Set/review budgets for the agreed activities. Compare actual against budget.
  • Update the overall marketing plan
  • Agree actions for the next period

We are happy to have a chat over the phone or call in for a coffee and go through your current initiatives to identify any gaps in your digital marketing. Then, if you would like us to work with you, we can agree the periods between meetings so you can budget accordingly, whilst getting your online business development activities kick started.

If you would like to take control of your digital marketing and get it working for you then give Peter Dickinson a call on 0845 053 7417 or email

Alternatively, we recognise you are busy and so sometimes face to face meetings can be challenging to arrange and so we also offer the option for a coaching session over Skype.

There are no tied in contracts, call 0845 053 7147 or email and book or time now. You get up to one hour with a Skype video call for £125+VAT payable in advance by PayPal in order to minimise admin costs. You can have as many or as a few sessions as you like. For faster growth companies I would recommend at least one session per month with a digital marketing coach. However, once a quarter could work for you.

If you have not experienced working with a coach, then give me a call on 0845 053 7147 and book in a complimentary session with a digital marketing manager and see if the service will work for you. There is no obligation and you will usually complete the 20 minutes with actions that you can implement immediately and so take a step nearer to realising your dreams.