KUB = Knowledge Underpinning Business

KUB has worked with over 300 businesses over the last 15 years across a wide range of sectors to help them grow and achieve their goals.

In particular, KUB has advised technology companies as well as those whose strategy is reliant on technology for success. Not only can we speak “technology”, we can also use our high growth business coaching skills to help you develop a competitor-beating technology strategy.


Using a strategic facilitator can allow you to concentrate on the subject matter in meetings and workshops, rather than worrying about how to run them.

Social Media Coach

With everybody becoming digitally native, are you making the most from Social Media? We can help with coaching and management.

Free eBooks

Learn how to grow your business with our free eBooks “Unlock the Secrets of a High Growth Business” and “How to Drive Sales with Digital Marketing”.


We can help you develop yourself and your business with our High Growth Business Training and Development Programme.

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Business Growth Advisory Board

Together with other business owners and senior managers, you will work through business themes key to growing your business.

The group meets every month for either 2.5 hours at the start or end of the day, to minimise your commitment but maximise the impact on your business through working with peers and an experienced facilitator.

Business Coach

The role of a high growth business coach is to help you to meet your goals for your company.

High Growth Business Coach

Peter Dickinson, high growth business coach, has worked with over 300 businesses across a wide range of sectors for the last 15 years.

Social Media Manager

Charleh Dickinson, Social Media Manager for KUB, has worked with leading PR, digital and marketing companies.

Business ‘One Page Plan’

Growing your business in a tough economic climate requires focus and good business habits.

Digital Non-Executive Director

A digital non-executive director can be a useful addition to your board when you need to fill a gap in knowledge.

KUB’s Purpose and Values

KUB exists to provide the knowledge, tools and support to help you achieve your dreams for your business and increase its value, profits and in most cases turnover.

We are committed to being the best we can be, and we attract companies who aspire to be the best at what they do. We highly value professionalism, integrity and customer service.

What Other People Say About us

  • Peter is an incredible coach and business strategist. His almost encyclopedic knowledge of business is impressive but still secondary for his natural talent. His ability to de-construct a business model into It's most productive components to ensure you've got the right people, doing the right things at the right time is invaluable to all businesses. He's able to perceive issues before they become problems and develop strategies to ensure your business has the right structure to facilitate consistent growth. Peter has been instrumental in helping me start my own business which has gone from strength to strength thanks to his support and knowledge. January 5, 2016, Johnny was with another company when working with Peter at KUB Ltd

    Johnny PawlikManaging Director of Mantra Media Ltd - SEO, Social Media & Digital marketing strategy, training, speaking & consulting.