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KUB – Knowledge Underpinning Business

Peter Dickinson, KUB Ltd, works as Non-Executive Director and High Growth Business Coach to help you break through the barriers to growth. With a strong technology background works with a number of technology companies as well as for companies whose strategy is reliant on technology for strategic success.

Business Growth Advisory Group

Working with with other business owners and senior managers you will work through key business themes that are key to growing your business.

The group meets every month for half a day to minimise your commitment and by working with peers and an experienced facilitator you will maximise the impact on your business.

For more information go to: Business Growth Advisory Group

High Growth Business Coach

Peter Dickinson is a high growth business coach and has worked with over 300 businesses over the last 15 years across a wide range of business sectors.

A typical high growth business can grow at greater than 20% per year which means that over a 3 year period you will double sales. This can normally be achieved through organic growth so that no additional funding is required.

Simple but effective processes are used and once embedded in your business are used to make strategy development, management and execution more efficient and effective.

It is recommended that cloud based combined collaborative task management and communication tools are employed in order to cope with the increased project/task load whilst ensuring good communication through the inbuilt messaging system which avoids the issues of emails and miscommunication that goes with it.

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